5 ways to boost your CIBIL Score and maintain credit health efficiently

A good credit score is more than just a metric by which lenders gauge your creditworthiness

Generally, a score of 750 is preferred by credit lending agencies, as it indicates a low-risk profile.

To avail the various benefits on offer, it is important to have a high credit score.

Late payments on your credit card dues or your loan EMIs will negatively affect your CIBIL Score.

The optimal credit utilisation ratio is 30%, wherein you do no use more than 30% of the total credit assigned to you

If you have an old credit card with a long repayment history and good track record, using it can help you improve your CIBIL Score.

Filling multiple credit applications over a short span of time can impact your credit score negatively

Reporting errors in your credit history can cause a dip in your CIBIL Score