Valentine's Day 2023:  How to download and send WhatsApp sticker

Valentine's Day is around the corner. On this festival, people like to wish and greet each other 

STEP 1.  Open the Google Play Store. Search for Valentine's Day WhatsApp stickers. 

STEP 2.  Now choose your favorite sticker pack and download it. 

STEP 3.  Open the sticker pack and tap on ‘Add; or ‘Add to WhatsApp’ button.  

STEP 4.  Furthermore, tap on the Add button again to confirm.   

STEP 5.  After adding it, proceed to WhatsApp and open any chat window where you want to send them. 

STEP 6.  Head to the stickers section and navigate to the sticker pack that has been added. . 

STEP 7.  Tap on any sticker to send it.