Can Zika Virus Kill You? 4 Rare Conditions It Can Cause In Infected People

Zika Virus Symptoms: Is the Zika Virus fatal? After the first case of the infection gets reported in India

here's what you need to know to prevent yourself from catching the infection.


As per a report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), deaths are not common in the cases of the Zika virus. 

However, the virus can lead to many severe infections that can eventually take a person’s life.  

he deaths reported due to the Zika virus are low but it has the potential to kill people in four ways. 

While research is being done to come out with a Zika virus vaccine, there is no better cure than prevention in the first place 

Stay away from places that have the possibility to turn into mosquito breeding grounds.  

Keep your surroundings clean and make sure to not have sexual contact with the infected person. Stay healthy!