Corona Shocking The World With New Variants Now

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recently revealed that the new virus called EG5 variant is responsible for 17 percent of new coronavirus cases in the country. 

Scientists said that the new type of variant originated from the XBB 1.9.2 (XBB.1.9.2) recombinant virus of the Omicron genus.

An additional mutation was found in the spike protein in EG.5 compared to XBB 1.9.2 strain. 

They revealed that this new mutation had previously been identified in other corona variants as well.

Along with EG 5, a new virus called Eris or EG.5.1 is currently spreading rapidly in the UK.

According to Scientists, its share in the corona cases recorded in the country is 14.6 percent. 

Not only that, the new variant that is scaring Britain is now growing rapidly in India as well as in Ireland, France, Japan, and China.

The World Health Organization, (WHO) has said that they are constantly tracking the cases related to this virus.

At present, it seems that the highest number of Eris cases is recorded in Maharashtra. (Maxim News)