Good Morning America (GMA) is releasing a special one-hour event called "Maui Strong" to highlight the people, organizations, and stories surrounding the local and national support for Maui after the recent deadly wildfires.

 The event will air on the second hour of GMA's Thursday, August 17 broadcast.

GMA weekend co-anchors Whit Johnson and Gio Benitez, as well as ABC News technology and consumer correspondent Becky Worley, will be reporting remotely from Maui for the event.

The event will showcase the stories of Maui neighbors helping neighbors in the wake of the tragedy

It will also direct viewers to local and national resources and organizations providing relief and support to thousands of people in need on the ground.

The event is a call to action to raise funds for the recovery efforts in Maui.

Viewers can donate to the Maui Strong fund at GMA's website.

The fund will benefit the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and the Maui United Way.

The wildfires in Maui have displaced thousands of people and destroyed hundreds of homes.

The "Maui Strong" event is a way to show support for the Maui community and help them rebuild their lives.