Mask Girl is a dark South Korean Netflix limited series.

It is a commentary on societal beauty standards, generational trauma, and unhealthy parenting

The series is 7 episodes long, each of which tells the tale of a damaged character.

 The main character, Kim Mo-mi, is insecure about her looks and lives her dreams by becoming a masked internet personality by night.

Things start to go wrong for Mo-mi when one of her followers tricks her into revealing her identity

This results in Mo-mi finding herself embroiled in one heinous crime after another.

The series explores the dark side of human nature and the damage that can be caused by societal expectations.

It is a well-made series with good twists and thrills, but it is not an easy watch.

The series is recommended for viewers who are interested in dark dramas that explore complex themes.

The series is not suitable for viewers who are sensitive to violence or disturbing content.