South Korea's women's kabaddi team faced setbacks at the Asian Games 2023.

Woo Hee-jun, a Miss South Korea finalist, is a prominent figure in South Korean kabaddi.

Woo's curiosity about kabaddi was sparked during a trip to India, where she observed kids playing the sport.

Upon returning to South Korea, Woo embraced kabaddi and started playing.

Woo Hee-jun is currently a member of the South Korean women's kabaddi team at the Asian Games 2023.

Despite her team's losses in the tournament, Woo has emerged as an inspiration in South Korea.

Woo, at 29 years old, has achieved significant milestones in her life.

She was a finalist in the 2019 Miss South Korea beauty pageant.

Woo also served as a first lieutenant in the South Korean army before pursuing kabaddi.